Denture pain is a common occurrence for people with new dentures. Typically, pain is only present immediately after the dentures are fitted within the patient’s mouth. This is because, among other reasons, dentures are an unfamiliar sensation to people that are wearing them for the first time.

Everyone’s mouth is different and there are many different types of dentures with varying levels of intrusiveness – thankfully, there are procedures to follow that will relieve the patient of whatever type of pain they are experiencing!

Denture Stomatitis (Thrush)


Denture stomatitis, also known as thrush, is caused by a yeast-based fungus formally referred to as candida. It’s normal to have bacteria in your mouth, however, an imbalance of candida will cause an infection. 

You may notice it by its swelling, discomfort, or light-coloured patches on gums, lips, and other parts of the mouth. People who wear full dentures are at higher risk of developing denture stomatitis. In fact, 70% of denture wearers are affected by denture stomatitis.


Denture stomatitis is typically cured via prescription medication such as lozenges or an ointment treatment. In some rare cases, however, laser or surgical removal is the best option. It should be noted that denture stomatitis is easily preventable. 

The best way to combat denture stomatitis and other bacterial infections is to engage in a strict oral hygiene routine. This involves brushing your teeth (if you use partial dentures) and your gums at least twice per day. Also, remember to floss any remaining teeth and use a strong mouthwash to kill surviving bacteria. Lastly, it’s important to remove your dentures for 8 hours a day to let your gums rest.

Adjustment Period Denture Pain


There is a phase known as the “adjustment period” which begins shortly after getting your dentures. Despite the fact that modern dentures are created with precision technology that replicates the appearance of your mouth perfectly, your mouth still needs to adapt to the new environment and can become irritated. 

denturist working on dentures

The irritation may present itself in the form of sores on your gums, increased saliva production, and discomfort around the mouth. You can expect the adjustment period to begin in the days following the implementation of the dentures and for it to end after a month and a half. However, each case is different, and the length will vary on a case-by-case basis. 


Your denturist will have no issues helping you with the adjustment period as it is such a frequent occurrence. The typical solution for malaligned dentures is denture relining. Denture relining delicately balances the fit of the dentures to better suit the subtleties of your mouth. 

Talk to your denturist if your mouth is still struggling to adjust the dentures. If the problem persists, inquire about denture rebasing. Denture rebasing involves the creation of a whole new acrylic base for the denture teeth to fit into. 

Getting new dentures can be a pain for some people, but it doesn’t have to be for you! With the assistance of a modern facility and top-of-the-line equipment, Vranjes Denture Clinic offers safe, high-quality, and comprehensive denture services for people of all ages. 

Unsuitable Fit Causing Denture Pain


It is not unheard of for your mouth’s shape to change during the denture healing process. Denture pain can arise when your dentures are unable to fit into the new shape of your mouth due to your body’s natural response to the denture installation process. Note that not everybody’s mouth will alter post-denture installation. The result of your mouth’s structure changing as a reaction to the new apparatus is dentures that fit poorly or not at all. A poor-fitting set of dentures is problematic because, in addition to being uncomfortable and painful, it can rub against your mouth’s issue and cause sore spots and intense pain while chewing.

denturist sculpting teeth


The solution for ill-fitting dentures is similar to that for the adjustment period. Inquire with your denturist about denture repair. Your denturist will be happy to assist you by either relining your dentures or if the case is more serious, rebasing. It’s best to contact your denturist as soon as you begin to feel any discomfort so a solution can be prepared as fast as possible.

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