How Do Dentures Stay in Place?

Partial Denture Illustration

Although dentures have acted as a tooth replacement solution for centuries, the modern denture can help you restore the form, function, and aesthetics of your teeth. Though it may not seem like it, tooth loss is quite common in individuals of all ages and can be a result of tooth decay, gum disease, or facial […]

How to Find the Right Ottawa Denture Clinic

Denture Consultation

Dentures are a big investment, so you’ll want a denturist who can deliver the highest quality of products and services. Whether due to age, tooth decay, or mouth trauma, tooth replacement solutions such as dentures and implants are a great way to restore your quality of life. Dentures can either be full or partial. This […]

Everything You Need to Know About Denture Implants

denture implants illustration

Are you an Ottawa resident looking for dentures? When it comes to replacing your teeth, you have several options. One of the best options is denture implants.  If you haven’t heard of them, you’re not alone. Not enough people know about dentures that can stay in place with implants. They stick to standard dentures instead. So why bother […]

COVID-19 Safety Measures at Our Denture Clinic

Denture rebasing process

As of May 2020, there are over 26,500 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa. While the vaccine roll-out is underway, there are many Canadians who aren’t vaccinated just yet. And even then, it’s still possible to catch the virus. Because of this, it’s important that businesses still keep up with COVID-19 safety measures, especially in medical and […]

Five Signs That You May Need a Denture Repair

denture repair

Believe it or not, 6.4% of Canadians have no teeth and even more are missing several. That means you’re far from alone in needing dentures. Many denture wearers don’t know that having dentures isn’t a one-and-done deal, and you have to take them in for adjustments or repair.  Here are the top five signs that you need […]

The Importance of Cosmetic Dentures

cosmetic dentures

Did you know that the hardest substance in your body is tooth enamel? That fact isn’t too reassuring, considering how many of us suffer from tooth loss at some point in our lives! The good news is that dentures provide the perfect solution for lost teeth. Whether you’ve lost several or all your teeth, cosmetic dentures […]

Tips on Proper Denture Maintenance

Partial dentures sitting on a countertop

If you or someone you know is feeling down about their missing teeth, know that you are not alone, and there are available solutions. Once you find yourself the right set of dentures in Ottawa, you should be able to restore your smile, your appearance and lead a relatively normal life.  While dentures can be a convenient […]

Common Types of Partial Dentures and How to Know Which Is Right for You

Middle Aged Man Smiling with Dentures

Partial dentures are the best solution for patients missing some but not all of their teeth on one or both ridges. They make it possible to eat normally and improve overall appearance. But with so many options now available, how do you know which one is best suited to fit your unique dental needs? The experts […]

Different Denture Implant Options for You

Denture Implant 3D Illustration

Denture implants are your one-stop solution if you are looking for dental procedures to help you get your tooth back. Implant dentures are of various types and sizes to suit your specific needs. They are made of pure titanium and are small enough to fit the bone under your gums, which makes them incredible tooth […]

Common Problems Caused by Poor-Fitting Dentures

poor fitting dentures

Dentures are made according to your unique needs. With age, your gums and jawbone start to shrink, affecting the fit of your dentures. Poor-fitting dentures are uncomfortable, might cause a change in your facial features and also lead to some health issues. Your denturist might suggest getting denture relines for your dentures to ensure they […]