Partial dentures are the best solution for patients missing some but not all of their teeth on one or both ridges. They make it possible to eat normally and improve overall appearance. But with so many options now available, how do you know which one is best suited to fit your unique dental needs?

The experts at Vranjes Denture Clinic in Ottawa can assess your oral health and suggest an option that is both budget-friendly and suitable for long-term use. 

Here are four common types of partial dentures to help you pre-assess your denture needs:

Cast metal partial dentures

A cast metal partial denture is made up of a durable metal framework that attaches to your existing teeth with metal clasps for an optimal grip. This removable option has a number of benefits, including strength, durability, functionality and prevention of the natural shift of your teeth.

Display of Cast metal partial dentures

Acrylic partial dentures

An acrylic partial denture is typically used as a temporary solution to allow limited function while your gum tissues heal, following surgery or extractions. Once the gum has healed, the patient is usually fit with a cast metal partial denture to ensure continued health and stability of remaining teeth. While this is the least expensive option, it is not always the favoured choice in terms of aesthetics; the teeth are set in a gum-coloured acrylic base, which may be visible when talking or smiling.

Samples of Acrylic partial dentures

Flexible partial dentures

A flexible partial denture is made from a thin, heat-sensitive type of plastic to which replacement teeth are attached. Its pliable, tissue-coloured frame makes it generally more comfortable and highly realistic in appearance.

Elderly Lady Showing Flexible partial dentures

Implant-supported or fixed bridge

Dental implants, also commonly referred to as a fixed bridge, are the best solution for patients missing one or two teeth. They are permanently cemented into place and are made of a biocompatible titanium material that replaces the tooth’s root. While an implant-supported fixed bridge offers an excellent fit and proven durability, it tends to be a costlier option than most.

Tray with Implant-supported or fixed bridge

Whether you’re missing one tooth or several, we at Vranjes Denture Clinic are committed to helping you feel more confident with your smile again by providing a selection of partial dentures for you to choose from.

Find out which solution is best suited for your immediate and long-term dental needs; visit our denture clinic in Ottawa or contact us today for a free consultation.