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Getting Financing

Getting Dental Financing in Ottawa

When it comes to looking for a professional denturist in Ottawa, Vranjes Denture Clinic is where your search ends! In the business since 1973, we’ve been catering to the denture needs of many individuals across the city. It’s the result of our personalized care that people repeatedly trust us for their denture-related issues. And now as a part of our customer-centric approach, we’ve introduced convenient dental financing option for all clients in Ottawa.

Vranjes Financing Program

Benefits of Our Dental Financing Program

We have partnered with PayBright to offer instant financing to our clients. Our objective is clear – to make our dental treatments affordable for every individual in Ottawa.
denture financing consultation

Easy Steps for Denture Financing

Denture Financing in Ottawa

How Does Denture Financing Work?

Vranjes Denture Clinic partners with PayBright to be able to provide flexible and convenient payments plants for all your denture and dental treatments. What our denture financing options allow, is for our patients to get their dentures and treatments now, while being paying later.

Using our Paybright link below, you can submit an online application to choose a custom amount that you’d like to finance and to create an ideal payment plan that works for you. You register with your banking information and Paybright can automatically send payments to your denturists for treatments. 

You’ll get a verification that shows how much you’ve been pre-approved for and from that point on, you’re ready to get the dental treatments you need.

Do you have questions about our dental financing option? Contact us today. We’ll clarify your doubts and guide you through the available dental payment plans and options that suit your needs.