After receiving dentures, you begin a lifelong undertaking of ensuring that your newly acquired dental prosthetics last as long as you need them to. To facilitate this process, you need to see your denturist regularly. It may not seem necessary but keeping a regular appointment with your dental care provider can help you avoid many problems down the line.

Hence the team at Vranjes Denture Clinic would like you to know how often you should see your denturist.

Importance of Seeing Your Denturist Regularly

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Regular cleaning of your dentures is one of the primary reasons to see your denturist. An at-home cleaning kit can be made available to you but the best way to clean dentures is at the hands of a professional.

Denture adjustment is another primary reason to see your denturist regularly. As you adjust to the prosthetics in your mouth, your hard and soft tissues will make way for the newly introduced dentures. This will most likely shift the dentures and make them more difficult to use.

Regular appointments with your denture care provider will enable you to get the most hygienic and effective use of your dentures.

What Denturists Look For

With a regular appointment, your denture care provider can diagnose a host of problems before they become actual issues. This allows them to provide you with preventative care that halts the progression of said problem in its tracks.

If you see your denturist regularly, they can find signs of wear and tear in your dentures and take the appropriate steps to correct them. Cracks, breaks, and other signs of physical deterioration need to be handled as soon as possible before they cause serious damage to your mouth.

Effects of Avoiding Regular Denture Check-Ups

Missing regular appointments with your denturist makes you vulnerable to a host of oral issues.

Without a denturist’s analysis issues like gum disease and oral cancer become more likely. Early diagnosis is critical in dealing with any of these problems so skipping denture check-ups could prove fatal.

If you still have natural teeth, visiting a denturist regularly can also help you keep them healthy. Your remaining teeth are not just key to your oral health, they are also required to keep your denture stable in your mouth. Without regular appointments with your denture care provider, you can compromise the health of your teeth and the fit of your dentures.

How Often Should You See Your Denturist?

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The schedule largely depends on the kind of dentures you have but it’s always important to make an appointment when you detect any problems with your dentures.

Regular removable dentures typically require an annual check-up. Implant dentures can last longer but a yearly appointment is still the best choice. Temporary dentures require follow-up visits not just for maintenance and cleaning. If you have temporary dentures, you need to see your denturist and determine a more long-term solution to your dental problems.

Vranjes Denture Clinic – Ottawa Denture Services

Keeping your dentures clean, maintained, and healthy is why you need to see your denturist. Ensuring that your denture care is handled by professionals will allow you to safely and effectively use your dentures for as long as you need them

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