Many people believe that if they wear full or partial dentures, they no longer have to schedule appointments with denturists. This is a common mistake because visiting your denturist regularly is necessary to ensure that your oral health does not suffer. Also, your denturist offers a free annual check-up to let you know whether your dentures are in good condition. This blog will let you know the reasons why you should regularly consult your denturist.

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Why You Should Schedule Checkups With Your Denturist

If you are wearing dentures, it’s crucial to consult your denturist on a regular basis to ensure the protection of your oral health and the stability of your dentures. Here are a few important reasons why you should regularly schedule consultations with your denturist:

  • Natural changes that happen in the mouth
    Over time, your mouth will undergo several natural changes such as tissue shrinkage or loss of underlying bone. Due to this, your dentures will no longer be a perfect fit and you may feel uncomfortable.

    During checkups, your denturist will remove the dentures to check the tissues under them along with your tongue, lips and oral mucosa. Abnormal changes may not be visible to the human eye but denturists have the required tools and knowledge to identify them.
  • Identifying oral cancer
    During consultations, your denturist can examine your mouth and identify any signs of oral cancer. They can also detect other abnormal oral conditions and ensure that you receive suitable treatment as early as possible.
  • Repairing dentures
    Worn-out dentures can result in an improper fit which in turn can cause problems such as inflamed gums and sores. Also, dentures that do not fit correctly can make it difficult for you to speak and eat comfortably. It may also affect the physical appearance of your face.

    Your consultation will include a detailed examination of your prosthetic. This is to check the stability of your denture and to see if they are ill-fitting. If any kinds of anomalies are discovered, they’ll recommend repairing, maintaining, renewing or restoring your dental appliance.
  •  Being aware of new advancements in denture technology
    Regularly visiting your denturist will help you learn about newer and innovative tooth replacement options that can help you.

Preventive Care Tips

Frequent visits to your denturist are essential for a number of reasons, but you can also maintain the durability and comfort of your dentures while fostering general oral health by following a few preventative maintenance guidelines. Now let’s look at some important preventative care advice:

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene: To take care of your dentures, stick to a regular oral hygiene regimen. Your denturist will advise you on the proper materials and cleaning methods to use on a regular basis. To maintain good dental health, don’t forget to carefully clean your tongue, gums, and any remaining teeth.

Handle Dentures with Care: Take care when handling your dentures to prevent damage. To avoid breaking them in the case of an accidental fall, clean or remove them over a soft surface, such as a full sink.

Check for Changes in Fit or Comfort: Keep an eye out for any modifications to the comfort or fit of your dentures. Make an appointment with your denturist as soon as possible if you have any discomfort, sore places, or changes in the fit of your dentures.

Avoid DIY Repairs: Avoid the temptation to fix your own dentures if they are uncomfortable or broken. DIY fixes might make the issue worse. Instead, get expert help from your denturist for any required repairs or modifications.

Be Mindful of Diet and Habits: There are foods that can damage your dentures. Steer clear of extremely hard or sticky meals as they might harm them. Furthermore, avoid bad behaviours that might overstress your dentures, such as biting hard items or chewing pencils.

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