Maintaining a simple, daily care routine and regularly visiting your dentist or other oral health care professional are all you need to wear your dentures with confidence as you perform your daily activities. But like original teeth, dentures can also accumulate plaque.

Plaque refers to the film of bacteria and saliva that collects on hard surfaces inside your mouth, as well as partial and full dentures in your mouth. Plaque appears as a colourless or whitish coating either over the surface of dentures, or as a deposit on natural teeth where they meet the gums. If the plaque is left in place for more than 24 hours, it releases toxic substances that can result in gum inflammation, can cause bad breath due to the smelly gases released by the bacteria, and in severe cases, the inflammation may advance to a chronic form of thrush. If not removed, it can result in periodontal (gum) disease with the potential to spread throughout the body and has been linked to all kinds of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.
If the plaque and bacteria are not removed they become hardened into a substance popularly known as tartar. This tartar must be professionally removed by your hygienist (if you have natural teeth) or by your denturist (if you have dentures).

What to do about it?

  • Keep your dentures and retainers (night guards, etc.) clean by brushing them with a special electric denture brush daily.
  • Keep your natural teeth and gums healthy by brushing them daily as well.
  • Visit your dentist, hygienist, or denturist for professional cleaning every six months.
  • Replace your dentures every 5-7 years as they get porous and can more easily harbor these harmful bacteria.

With regular check-ups, your dental team will be able to detect any problems early and manage them effectively before they escalate into more serious problems.

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