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Lower Suction DentureS

Custom-Fitted Dentures in Ottawa

If you currently have a lower denture, you may find yourself worrying about whether or not your lower denture is lifting inappropriately. While unfortunate and infrequent, lower dentures do tend to have less stability. To anchor them in a more fixed position, you might want to consider consulting Vranjes Denture Clinic about our lower suction dentures in Ottawa.

Our lower suction dentures are part of a new technique that enhances the suction effect and stability of a full lower denture by creating a seal around the entire border of the denture base through a suction mechanism. This ensures that you can have a firmer and low-maintenance lower denture to maintain your smile.

If you are considering replacing your old lower denture with one of our lower suction dentures around Ottawa, please contact Vranjes Denture Clinic today. We will able to help you determine if lower suction dentures are right for you.

Why Suction Dentures?

The Benefits of Suction Dentures

Lower suction dentures are made by taking detailed and precise impressions of your gums. The result – a denture prosthetic that mirrors the natural shape of your oral cavity to create a comfortable and strong seal. Some of the notable benefits of suction dentures include:

  • Natural Look & Feel
  • No Need for Adhesives
  • Enhanced Chewing Ability
  • Precise & Comfortable Fit
  • Stay Firmly in Place
  • No Need for Implants


Suction dentures allow patients to smile, speak, and eat with confidence. The precise fabrication process ensures that your dentures fit comfortable with a strong and secure seal. An exam with our team of denture experts can help determine if suction dentures are right for you. Contact us today to find out if you’re an eligible candidate for lower suction dentures!

a denturist examining a patient for suction denture eligibility

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