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What You Need to Know

About Partial
Dentures in Ottawa

When you’re missing some of your teeth on one or both ridges, partial dentures can be an ideal treatment. The treatment may vary depending on the number and location of the missing teeth. At Vranjes Denture Clinic, we offer partial dentures in Ottawa. The two most common kinds of partials that we offer at our clinic are cast partials and acrylic (plastic) partials.

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Implants can often be incorporated, which increases stability and eliminates the need to clasp natural teeth. Vranjes Denture Clinic offers several options for partial dentures in Ottawa. We provide you services including lower suction, full and immediate dentures. You can also rely on us when in need of denture repairs in Ottawa. Come in and see our specialists for a free consultation.

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Partial Denture Options

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Adjusting to Dentures

Getting Used to
Your Partial Dentures

It takes some time to get used to dentures. Even people who have worn them before need time to adjust to replacement partial dentures. Getting used to your new dentures depends largely on the following factors:

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Partial Denture FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re missing some teeth and don’t need a full denture, that’s where partial dentures come in. A partial denture is a removable dental prosthetic that replaces missing teeth to fill those gaps and provide support for surrounding teeth. Partial dentures can be tissue supported, implant supported, or completely tooth supported.

The lifespan of partial dentures can vary anywhere from 5-15 years depending on several different factors. The type of materials used, the way they fit, how much your gums and tissue change, and the quality of your denture care routine can all influence the longevity of your partial dentures.

Yes. Partial dentures are a removable solution for those who are missing some of their natural teeth. It may be recommended that you wear your dentures at night shortly after getting your partial dentures – to help your gums become more accustomed to them. After this initial adjustment period, you can remove your partial dentures overnight to allow your gums to have a chance to relax.

You may experience some initial discomfort with your partial dentures as you get used to wearing them. After a couple of weeks of adjusting, they should become much more comfortable and almost unnoticeable. If you still have discomfort several weeks after getting your dentures, you should consult with a denturist to ensure that they are fitting properly.

Each set of partial dentures will be unique to the individual wearing them. However, they are designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth. With the advancements of modern technology and materials used in the denture fabrication process, dentures are more natural-looking than ever.

At first, they might. There is a breaking-in period in which patients need to get used to the sensation of speaking and eating with their new dentures. In as little as a few weeks, most patients start feeling perfectly normal in their dentures and are able to speak and eat confidently.

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