Getting dentures might seem like something reserved for those who are getting old. The age range, however, is much wider than typically assumed. This is due to the fact that dentures are a viable solution to many dental problems and anyone can get them regardless of age. Not sure if you’re at “the right age” for dentures? Keep reading to find out if they’re right for you!

As such, the team at Vranjes Denture Clinic would like you to know what should be considered when obtaining dentures.

Why People Get Dentures

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Most people getting dentures are usually 50 years or older but younger people have been known to get them. When you need to replace lost teeth, dentures are a great solution. Certain illnesses and medications can cause people to lose their teeth and acquiring dentures have provided a viable solution for what used to be permanent issues. Accidents, such as falling down stairs, slipping on ice, and other traumatic events can dislodge teeth as well. Additionally, dentures can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Many people opt for dentures to fix and restore their bright smiles.

When People Get Dentures

Dentures can be implanted as a cosmetic procedure, but the best time to get dentures is when it is medically necessary to do so. If your gums get infected and the dentist needs to excise the affected tissue, dentures protect the area from further infection. If the muscle and tissues that support your teeth recede, a denture is used to prevent further deterioration and persistent pain in your jaw. After losing many teeth or suffering from periodontal disease and other infections, dentures provided the best long-term solution for anyone regardless of their age.

Who Gets Dentures

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The ideal candidates for dentures will depend on the number of teeth lost and the health of the remaining gums and jaws. If one or two teeth are missing, then a dental bridge may be the better choice. A model prospect for getting dentures would be an adult who has lost a significant number of teeth but still has gum tissue and jawbones that are healthy enough to support a denture apparatus. Partial dentures would be used for those missing only some of their teeth while full dentures would be recommended for those who are missing all of their natural teeth.

Vranjes Denture Clinic – Regain Your Smile And Confidence

Getting dentures does not have to be reserved as a solution to the problems of senior citizens. When needed, no matter the age of the individual, dentures can provide many benefits that improve physical and mental health. That makes them invaluable to everyone, regardless of age.

Please contact us when you are in the market for dentures. Vranjes Denture Clinic is Ottawa’s premier denture clinic, providing nothing but the best to our surrounding communities. If you need a standard or precision denture, an implant denture, or repairs to your existing dentures, our team is highly qualified, experienced, and ready to help.