Immediate dentures are a comfortable, cost-effective and instant way to restore your missing or damaged teeth. It can restore your bite function, improve oral health and help regain your healthy smile. They are a removable replacement for your missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Vranjes Denture Clinic provides all types of dentures and relines services in Ottawa. Before starting the process, our denturists will suggest the most suitable dentures for you and answer all questions. Read our blog to know what to expect with a denture procedure. 

Unlike immediate denturesconventional dentures are placed in your mouth about eight to 12 weeks after your teeth are removed. Immediate dentures are made in advance and can be placed in your mouth immediately after the teeth are removed. You might feel stressed about getting dentures if you are not sure about what to expect.

Understanding the complete procedure will help you prepare well for the treatment. Here are the important details of an immediate denture procedure:

  1. First, impressions are taken for your teeth that will be removed. Dentures are fabricated based on the measurement of your teeth. The denturist will use wax blocks to determine your bite action. You can tell your denturist the expectations you have about the shape and colour of your dentures.
  2. The denturist will place your temporary dentures as soon as your teeth are removed. You have to wear them until your permanent dentures are ready. This way, the chances of facial distortion that might occur after the removal of teeth are minimum.
  3. Immediate dentures control bleeding and minimize swelling for the first 24 to 48 hours. Removing them too soon or keeping them for too long will cause the gum tissues to swell. When you try to reinsert your dentures, they might not fit until the swelling decreases.
  4. The best benefit of immediate dentures is that you will not have missing teeth during the healing period. However, your bones and muscles will shrink during this healing stage. As a result, you will need multiple adjustments for a properly fitted denture. Visit our denturists if your bite needs adjustments or if there are pressure spots to be relieved.
  5. You can experience minor soreness, swelling and increased saliva production on the first day of wearing dentures. Your mouth will gradually heal and adapt to your temporary dentures.
  6. Apply cold packs to relieve swelling and soreness. Eat only soft foods.  Make sure to take your prescribed medications.   
  7. You will have time to establish your speech patterns early on while still adjusting to the presence of immediate dentures. Also, you will be able to chew food better than with missing teeth.
  8. The uneasiness in your mouth along with the soreness goes away in a few weeks. Also, speech and chewing ability gradually improve over time. When you receive your permanent dentures, you can keep your temporary dentures as a spare for future needs.

If you remove your dentures for cleaning, immediately place them back afterwards. You can use a mouthwash after every meal.

Schedule an appointment with our denturists to learn more about our immediate denture procedure.