Immediate dentures, also known as same-day dentures or temporary dentures, are a type of denture designed for people who need a full set of functional teeth immediately after tooth extraction. Unlike standard dentures, which are placed in the mouth about 8 to 12 weeks after tooth extraction, immediate dentures can be inserted into the mouth as soon as the natural teeth are removed. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between immediate dentures and standard dentures, the benefits of immediate dentures, the procedure for getting immediate dentures, and how to care for your new dentures.

Immediate Dentures vs Standard Dentures

Immediate dentures are made before the teeth are extracted and are inserted into the mouth immediately after the extractions. Since the gums are still healing and shrinking, the fit of immediate dentures may become loose over time and require adjustments. They are typically temporary dentures until the patient’s gums heal and permanent dentures can be fitted.

On the other hand, standard dentures (AKA conventional dentures) are made after the gum tissue has fully healed following tooth extraction. The denturist takes impressions of the mouth to ensure a proper fit and creates a set of dentures that are customized to the patient’s needs. Because the gums have fully healed and stabilized, the fit of conventional dentures is typically more secure and comfortable than that of immediate dentures.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

There are several benefits to choosing immediate dentures, including:

No waiting period 

With immediate dentures, you do not have to go without teeth during the healing period following tooth extraction. This means you can eat, speak, and smile with confidence right away.

Improved oral health

Immediate dentures help to minimize facial distortion, control bleeding, and minimize swelling in the first 24 to 48 hours after tooth extraction. This can help to improve oral health and prevent further complications.

Better speech and chewing

Immediate dentures give you the opportunity to establish your speech patterns and improve your chewing ability while you are still adjusting to the presence of the dentures.


Immediate dentures are a cost-effective solution for people who need a full set of functional teeth right away. They are typically less expensive than conventional dentures and can provide a temporary solution while you wait for your permanent dentures. Immediate dentures can also be used permanently and can be relined to fit your mouth better. 

Spare dentures 

When you receive your permanent dentures, you can keep your temporary dentures as a spare for future needs.

What to Expect During Your Immediate Denture Procedure

A typical immediate denture procedure involves the following steps:

Taking impressions for your immediate dentures

Before the teeth are extracted, impressions are taken for the teeth that will be removed. Immediate dentures are fabricated based on the measurement of your teeth. The denturist will use wax blocks to determine your bite action. You can tell your denturist the expectations you have about the shape and colour of your dentures.

Placement of immediate dentures 

The denturist will place your temporary dentures as soon as your teeth are removed. You have to wear them continuously for the first 24 to 48 hours to help control bleeding and minimize swelling. You will continue until it is time for permanent dentures. This way, the chances of facial distortion that might occur after the removal of teeth are minimum.

What to Expect after the Extraction 

Immediate dentures will help control bleeding and swelling 

Immediate dentures will help to control bleeding and minimize swelling for the first 24 to 48 hours. Removing them too soon or keeping them in for too long will cause the gum tissues to swell. When you try to reinsert your dentures, they might not fit until the swelling decreases.

Increased saliva

In the first few days after getting an immediate denture procedure, patients may experience an increase in Saliva production. This is because your body will think there is food in your mouth and attempt to break it down. This should subside in a few days as you adapt to your new dentures.  

Pain and soreness 

The uneasiness in your mouth, along with the soreness, will go away in a few weeks. Also, your speech and chewing ability will gradually improve over time. In order to manage pain and soreness, we recommend Applying cold packs to relieve swelling and soreness and eat only soft foods. Also,  Make sure to take your prescribed medications.   

Caring for Your Immediate Dentures

To ensure the longevity of your temporary dentures, it is important to care for them properly. Here are some tips for caring for your new immediate dentures:

Clean regularly

Clean your dentures regularly to remove any food particles and bacteria. Use a soft-bristled brush and a mild soap or denture cleaner to gently scrub the dentures. Rinse them thoroughly before reinserting them into your mouth.

Handle with care

Be gentle when handling your dentures. Do not bend or twist them, as this can cause them to break.

Store properly

When not in use, store your dentures in a safe place where they cannot be damaged. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures, as this can cause them to warp.

Seek professional help

If you experience any discomfort or notice any damage to your dentures, seek professional help right away. We can make any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure a comfortable and proper fit.

Are you in immediate need of dentures?

Immediate dentures are a great option for people who need a full set of functional teeth right away. With proper care and maintenance, they can provide a temporary solution while you wait for your permanent dentures.

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